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Pre-Diet Shopping April 27, 2012

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I’m gathering all the supplies I need to start my diet. I want to make sure I have everything so there won’t be a moment where I’m hungry and realize, “Oh, all we have is Mac & Cheese, guess that will have to do.”

For those not familiar with the Lap Band diet, here’s some information. That’s not 100% of it – I also have to supplement it with multivitamins and such – but that’s the gist. Since the Lap Band restricts your stomach so much you can’t even eat solids at first, they recommend liquid vitamins. I won’t technically have a restricted stomach so I’m debating whether I should just use my regular multivitamins, or if I should really take this 100% seriously as if I had gotten the Lap Band – I don’t want to tempt myself to cut corners here and there. But I guess that will depend on the cost of liquid multivitamins.

For the first two weeks, I will be on 100% juice, half a gallon a day, sipped two ounces at a time and given at least a half hour between servings. So I’m buying lots of juice, ensuring to not get sugary drinks. Apple juice, for example, is a no no. So are all citrus juices.

It’s interesting to compare, and you really have to look at the nutrition facts. For example, Ocean Spray Diet Pomegranate Cranberry has 5 calories, 0 fat, and 2g sugar, while Ocean Spray Pomegranate Cranberry Light has 40 calories, 0 fat and 10 grams of sugar.

I’m told to avoid tomato juice, which makes finding a vegetable juice difficult. I really need a juicer.

My dietician gave me a good tip: using little medicine measuring cups is a good way to measure out portions.

After two weeks, I’ll start on semi-liquids. Diluted oatmeal, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. Then solider and solider as time goes on. The biggest thing here is portion control. Really extreme portion control.

I also won’t be able to have any alcohol whatsoever for a couple months, nor any carbonated beverages, diet or otherwise.

I’m starting to feel better and better about this diet. I feel like if I’m properly prepared, and really have a day to day plan in front of me (instead of a vague “eat better” mindset) then I can really do this. I’m going to enjoy (in moderation) some foods I won’t be able to eat for quite a while over the weekend.

Only three days until I start!


2 Responses to “Pre-Diet Shopping”

  1. Chris Says:

    My god, I could never do that. Kudos.

    • As I go I’m finding it more and more difficult. It has to be 100% sugar free and low fat. It makes it even harder being a vegetarian, I can’t get any sort of fat free chicken broth or anything. I think I’m going to be drinking a lot of Crystal Light, soy milk and veggie broth for a while.

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