My Weight Loss Journey

A lot of technical stuff you probably won’t be interested in, just making notes. April 29, 2012

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There have been a few things I’ve been debating with myself. Although this is the Lap Band diet, I’m doing this without the actual Lap Band, so there are some changes I could make to the diet that wouldn’t necessarily hurt me:

1) Starting with the pre-surgery diet. A strict high-protein, low-fat diet for two weeks before the surgery helps to protect muscle mass while minimizing the fat around the liver, allowing for placement of the Band. I don’t need to have the Lap Band placed, so I could go straight into the actual diet itself.

2) The first three weeks will be a 100% liquid diet, consuming no more than 64oz of liquid a day, including water. Since water isn’t going to make me gain weight, I could possibly consume more water per day.

3) The diet calls for liquid multivitamins to make up for any nutrients that might be missing in the first few weeks. Since the band won’t be restricting my stomach, I could just take regular pill mutivitamins.

I’m concerned about a slippery slope, though. If I start cutting corners here, and there, where else am I going to end up cutting corners? A little extra steamed veggies with my meal? One can of Diet Coke? 2% milk instead of 1%? They may not seem like a big deal but how many exceptions will I make before it’s not even a diet anymore?

I’ve decided that, no, this will not be the “Crystal’s version” of the diet. This will be the diet. THE diet, just exactly as if I had the surgery. No exceptions, no cutting corners, no changes.

Besides, after doing some research I discovered that there are other benefits to these rules too. The pre-surgery diet is very limited (a protein shake for breakfast and dinner, and two hard boiled eggs, some broccoli and a cup of veggie broth for lunch) will help shrink and prepare my stomach so it won’t be such a shock to my system when suddenly I’m not eating for a few weeks. The hunger pains will be hard enough for the first several days, might as well do everything I can to reduce that.

Additionally, and this could be useful information to many of you if you’re interested, a liquid diet isn’t just necessary for Lap Band patients. Many people go on clear liquid diets for a few days at a time to help “detox.” Basically, when anything non-liquid, ANYTHING, goes into your body, including the slightest bit of fruit pulp or crumbs or pills, and even “full liquids” (non-clear liquids) like milk, the body has to digest it. The body makes digesting a priority, putting aside a lot of other stuff for “later,” but often “later” never comes, because by the time the body’s ready to start on that other stuff, we’re eating again and the body has to digest again. Staying on a liquid diet helps give the digestive system a break, and allows the rest of the body to have more energy.

I’ve got pretty much everything I need to start my pre-surgery diet Monday. My meals will be boring and repetitive and small but my body won’t care once it’s digested, whether it was a slab of tofu or an ice cream sundae. The biggest key will be to keep myself distracted when I’m feeling hungry.

I’m also upping my exercise from 20 minutes three times a week to 30 minutes every day.

Tomorrow’s my last day of being able to enjoy real food so I’m trying to finish off any of the tempting things I have in my house, including the 2% milk, yogurts, etc.

I’m feeling a lot of support and it’s fantastic. Both my boyfriend and my dad are starting diets with me on Monday. Not the same diets (because this diet is only for crazy people), but diets nonetheless. I’m also hearing a few other people saying they want to start dieting too because of me. I’m really lucky to have so much support, this is going to be incredibly hard.

Later this afternoon I will post the first of what will be weekly Sunday updates, which will include my current weight and a fresh picture of myself. I think this will help me both stay motivated and keep good track of my progress. (Plus, if it works, how cool would it be to make a flip book of that?)

I’m starting to get pretty excited about this. Like really excited. I was doubting myself at first, and maybe I’m being unrealistic and ridiculous and thinking that I’ll be just like all those inspirational people you see who suddenly melted off the weight in no time using nothing but hard work and determination. Maybe this is completely silly and three days in I’ll crack and give up. But from where I’m standing (well, sitting) right now, I really, honestly feel like I can do this, and I feel more sure than I’ve ever felt about any weight loss attempt before.

A couple of people have suggested, not in any rude or unfriendly way, that, although they support me 100%, they aren’t sure I can do this. And why would they be? This is a very hard lifestyle I’m about to be living, and it’s not like I’ve given them any reason to believe I can do this. If I had, I wouldn’t still be a fatty. I hope that I can give them a reason to believe I can do this, though. I ask for one favor from everyone, though: Don’t be impressed, don’t compliment me, don’t glorify what I’m going to do, I haven’t done anything yet. Once I’m successful, THEN be happy for me.

I’m ready to try.


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