My Weight Loss Journey

A Brief Update Regarding Day 1 May 1, 2012

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Today has been pretty surprisingly easy. I spread my breakfast over a few hours, then when lunch came around I wasn’t that hungry so I only ate half. I have now had half of my dinner. It’s 8pm and I’m a little hungry so I can still eat the rest of my lunch or the rest of my dinner or both, and I’ll be set for the day.

My exercise goal is a half hour of Zumba or an hour of walking a day. I started Zumba but my foot (which I twisted a while ago and still hurts for some reason) hurt too much to keep going so in a while I’m going to take a walk.

I think the biggest challenge has been foods that smell good. Every once in a while I’ll smell something delicious and immediately want it, but so far I’ve avoided straying even a little.

I did the math and I’m going to be consuming 600-700 calories a day during Stage 1 of this diet, which will last two weeks. I’m surprised that I can feel satisfied on so little. I guess it really is just about eating the right thing, it makes a huge difference.


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