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Half way through my pre-diet diet May 8, 2012

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This has been easier than I expected. I’ve lost five or six pounds this week, which is great. As expected, I’m not dropping as much weight off now as I did the first few days but I will, with more work.

I’d say the biggest issue I’m having is remembering to drink water. Since a big portion of my diet is protein shakes I tend to drink that slowly throughout the day rather than all as once at mealtime, so I forget that I also need water. I’ve started setting periodic alarms reminding me, though. Hopefully that will help. Next week it won’t be so much of an issue since my entire diet will be clear liquids.

I’ve been debating how much exercise is too much. I was ready to start doing five hours of Zumba a day (why not? I’m home all day anyway), but my dad insists that if I do that I’ll end up dropping dead, and he’s probably right. He gave me a useful tool to determine how much I should exercise. So now I’m just trying to do light amounts of Zumba throughout the day to keep my heart rate within the proper margins.

(An aside regarding Zumba: I feel so dorky when I say that, since Zumba is the old lady/fat girl exercises. I might as well be talking about joining Curves or Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, but what can I say? It’s fun and it’s easy and free to do as many times as I want in the privacy of my own home.)

I’m excited for the liquid diet to start. That will be my favorite part. This week can’t go by fast enough.


One Response to “Half way through my pre-diet diet”

  1. jessica Says:

    Zumba isn’t just for older women! Its huge right now in the fitness world. Most of the people I know who do it are our age. 5hrs is too much for that low of calories. Whatever you burn you have to replace at least partially…take care of your body! Don’t want it to go into starvation mode. You’re doing so great 🙂

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