My Weight Loss Journey

Receiving supplies! May 8, 2012

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I know it may sound silly but I’m really excited about this new shaker I got. It was delivered today, along with enough protein powder to last me quite a while, and my liquid vitamins for my liquid diet.

The thing that’s awesome about this shaker are four-fold.

1) It holds up to 25oz without being too big to fit in a cupholder

2) It has a screen insert to help break up powdery clumps

3) The lid has two compartments for pills or vitamins or whatever

4) The bottom section screws off so you can store your protein powder in there. So, say I’m going to be gone all day, I can have up to two servings of my protein shake throughout the day without having to bring the whole two pound canister with me. Just add milk/water/soy milk whenever I am ready for it. This will come in handy when I’m working outside of the house, starting in June.

It was only like $6 at Walmart. I also got three containers of this protein powder in three flavors. It’s not quite as good quality as what I’ve been using but it falls within the requirements my doctor gave me for protein shakes, and it’s a LOT cheaper ($15 for two pounds as opposed to $12 for 12 ounces).

Only five days left of this stage of the diet. The hardest part, though, will be that Grant is coming into town Thursday night, and so we won’t be able to enjoy dinners out anymore. I’ve decided that when he’s here I’ll have ONE healthy dinner out (at my favorite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Au Lac in Fountain Valley) while he’s here, before I start the liquid diet. We’re also going to dinner with his mom for mother’s day so I’ll be able to get something small there, but nothing that betrays my diet.

I’m going to go break in my new protein shaker!


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