My Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday weigh-in May 10, 2012

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Picture will be posted later since my dad is busy right now and can’t take it.

Last weigh-in: 316

Today’s weigh-in: 310.

Not a bad start, but it still feels like just a drop in the pond.

I’ve learn to work with my current limited options. For example, protein powder doesn’t always have to be mixed with boring milk or water. But vanilla protein powder mixed with raspberry crystal light is bomb, and strawberry protein powder mixed with fat free vanilla Greek yogurt is super delicious.

I’m anxiously waiting for this stage to be over and the next stage to start.

A friend also told me about Raspberry Ketone, a supplement that helps break down fat cells. My instinct says it’s just another fad but it seems to have a lot of good reviews, and it’s pretty inexpensive with no dangerous side effects, so it’s at least worth a shot.

I downloaded some fat-people yoga, and some “yoga for your back” to help with my scoliosis. I want to try to develop a morning ritual, walking or Zumba and some yoga every day before work. I always tell myself I’m going to do it after work but I rarely do because I’m tired by then. I’m such a night owl, though, so it’s so difficult to get myself to get up early. It will be something that I’ll eventually have to make myself do, though.

Stay tuned for picture.


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