My Weight Loss Journey

“The Time Has Come,” the Walrus said. May 14, 2012

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It’s after midnight! Today I start the hardest stage of my 5-stage diet (and in case you didn’t get the title, I am the walrus. Goo goo g’joob). Over the next week I will be consuming ABSOLUTELY, 100% nothing but up to 64oz of sugar free and low sodium clear liquids a day. This means no fruit juice (too much sugar), a lot of Crystal Light (with which I’ll mix a little protein powder, so I’ll still be getting my necessary protein every day) and vegetable broth, not the tasty kind. I also have liquid vitamins.

After this week, I’ll be graduating to non-clear liquids, including fat free milk and soy milk, vegetable juices and so on. That will be two weeks, so basically I will be on all liquids for the next three weeks. 

I will be drinking no more than one ounce at a time, no more often than every 15 minutes.

This is going to be really tough, but I feel if I can get through this, I can get through ANYTHING.


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