My Weight Loss Journey

First day of clear liquids diet May 15, 2012

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It hasn’t been very hard. The biggest issue is cravings, especially since I had to go to Walmart today. Delicious-looking food everywhere. I can’t wait to have some tomato soup again. Ugh.

I thought I’d have some serious hunger pains but I haven’t yet. I’ve been feeling a slight bit hungry but every 15 minutes I’m allowed to drink another ounce and it resolves it.

The biggest challenge I found today was waking up early enough to get my full 64 ounces in. Since I can only drink one ounce every 15 minutes, that spreads my entire day’s food over NO LESS THAN 16 hours a day, if I don’t miss any 15-minute intervals, meaning I have to wake up at 8am and drink an ounce every 15 minutes to get my full amount. I won’t die if I consume less than that; the goal is 48-64 ounces a day, but I have a feeling that since I don’t have the benefit of the Lap Band making me feel full, I’ll need all 64 ounces. My first 52 ounces are the most important. I made a mixture of three scoops strawberry protein powder, one ounce liquid multivitamins, 200mg raspberry keytone powder, 8-serving packet of raspberry Crystal Light, and water. It’s actually pretty good, very fruity, but since all my vitamins and protein are in that pitcher I have to finish it before I can consume anything else, which sucks because I’m really craving something savory instead of sweet. I have some veggie broth that will do the trick if I finish my pitcher in time.

Six more days of this and I can have non-clear liquids, which will be a LOT more satisfying. For this week only, I’ll be consuming a maximum of 450-500 calories a day.


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