My Weight Loss Journey

My diet for this week (with pictures) May 15, 2012

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I thought I’d give a little information on what I am allowed to consume daily. As I’ve said, my limit is 64 ounces of clear liquids daily, taken one ounce at a time every 15 minutes. This is my basic mix:

Water (obviously), two packets of Raspberry Ice Crystal Light (the 2-quart packets, not the individual serving packets), one ounce of liquid vitamins, 1/8 tsp of raspberry ketone powder, and three scoops of strawberry whey protein. The pitcher on the right is the finished product.

Anyone who uses protein powder knows it’s hard to break it up just by stirring, so I use this as well:

This shaker is the best investment ever. It includes a screen insert to help break up any powder clumps and make everything perfectly smooth. The bottom also screws off to reveal a cup that you can store protein powder in for when you’re on the go, and the lid has two compartments to store pills or vitamins. I love this thing.

The little plastic cup is the measuring cup that came with my liquid multivitamins, and since it’s one ounce it’s the perfect tool.

The pitcher holds 52 ounces, so that gives me another 12 ounces to play around with, say if I want veggie broth or a sugar free Popsicle or something.

I also have peach Crystal Light, and vanilla protein powder, so I can mix and match as I please. Strawberry peach, strawberry peach vanilla, raspberry peach vanilla strawberry…Lots of possibilities, which is helpful to keep the mixture from getting too boring.


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