My Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday Weigh-In May 16, 2012

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So, originally I was planning on posting pictures when I do my weigh-ins but since I don’t own a full-length mirror and my did is always at work all day it’s hard to do, so I guess pictures will be sporadic.


Starting weight: 316

Last week’s weight: 310

Today’s weight: 307

I’m losing about three pounds a week, that’s not too bad. I don’t know if I could keep up that rate, but if I could, I’d be at my goal next year. That’s not entirely impossible, I’ve talked to people on this diet who have lost weight at a rate of almost 100 pounds a year. Damn that’s impressive.

I’m not feeling very well right now. The only thing I can bring myself to ingest are Popsicles and small amounts of water. I took some Spirulina, hopefully that will help. The heat only makes things worse.

I feel like I’m just hitting a plateau, though, and if I stick it out it will get easier. Let’s hope.


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