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Cake Batter Protein Shake May 17, 2012

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Who says healthy eating can’t be delicious?

My Magic Bullet is amazing. I put things in and out comes better things.

Try this:

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2 cup tofu (or cottage cheese if you don’t like tofu)

2 tbsp vanilla

1 tbsp margarine

4 packets Stevia

splash of fat free milk (or whatever milk you prefer, or soy milk, or nut milk, or water)

handful of ice



*Remember, this is a meal, not a snack or dessert*


Calories – 300

Fat – 12g

Sugar – 10g

Make it healthier by using sugar-free vanilla extract, and almond extract instead of butter.


One Response to “Cake Batter Protein Shake”

  1. Grant McNaughton Says:

    That sounds delicious!

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