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A Few Changes May 18, 2012

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Alright, I admit I was fooling myself with how absurd this diet is. No, I’m not off it, but after feeling like I was dying I decided I need to make a few changes.

1) water is no longer going to count as my daily 64 ounces of liquid. I’m going to drink as much as I damn well please.

2) I’m going to take pills. I was taking vitamins in liquid form, but I’m just going to switch back to solid pills, and this way I can take other pills I need like caffeine pills.

3) Originally I was going to be on a clear liquid diet for a week. This was actually not part of the plan my dietitian gave me. The clear liquid diet, according to the plan, is supposed to last for three days, while the full liquid diet lasts for one week. I decided I can’t do a clear liquid diet for a week. I wasn’t getting enough energy, so I shrunk it back down to three days. BUT I’m doing the full liquid diet for 11 days instead, starting today.

5) My main goal is still going to be consuming 800 calories a day or less, no more, except on days I exercise. For every half hour of LEGITIMATE exercise (not just walking around the block at a leisurely pace) I’ll allow myself an extra hundred calories. BUT I still will remain within the Lap Band restrictions: during my full liquid diet (Stage 3) I can consume up to 64 ounces of non-water fluid a day, PLUS 16-24 ounces of protein shake. I think that will be more than enough. Today I had 40 ounces of fluid (yum, soup!) and 16 ounces of protein shake and I might have 8 more ounces of shake before bed, that will be it.

These changes will be very helpful in keeping healthy and not feeling like I’m dying.


One Response to “A Few Changes”

  1. Grant McNaughton Says:

    Those all sound like great changes to me. I know how tired you were feeling.

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