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Finally Perfected Tomato Soup May 19, 2012

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As I’ve said before, tomato soup is my favorite soup. Since I can’t eat chicken noodle, when I’m sick I eat tomato. When I need comfort food, tomato soup and grilled cheese is where it’s at. So good.

Last night I tried to make tomato soup and couldn’t quite get it to taste how I want it. I figured out you’re apparently supposed to peel the tomatoes first, that makes a big difference. I also thought I’d make it a lot simpler. It’s delicious. Try:

– 3 tomatoes

– 1 garlic clove

– 1 cup fat free milk

– 2 tbsp low fat cottage cheese

– 1 cup vegetable broth

– 1 tbsp Lawry’s Seasoned Salt

– 1 tsp dried parsley

– 1 tbsp fresh onion (I just sliced a piece off and threw it in the concoction)

– 2 tbsp margarine

Cut a little x on the tomato on the opposite side of the stem. Put in a bowl with just a tiny splash of water and steam in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Wait for them to cool (I burned my thumb) then peel and seed, and throw the tomatoes in the blender. Heck, throw the water from the bowl in there too.

Add all the other ingredients, blend until creamy. Heat it up if you have to. Eat. Melt from enjoyment.

Makes 2 servings, 168 calories each


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