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Willpower May 19, 2012

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I’ve never really been sure what portion of my weight comes from my injury and what portion comes from comfort food. Right now, I could really use some comfort food. If this were a year ago, right now I would be making myself a huge bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, and enjoy half a pint of Ben And Jerry’s Phish Food, to cheer myself up.

Now, here I sit, resisting the urge, and I’m actually feeling a little better than I think I would otherwise.

It seems that we, human beings in general, have this self-destructive pattern. We get angry or we get sad or frustrated or whatever and we do something to make it worse. I know people who get angry, break something out of anger, then get angrier because that something is broken. I know people, like myself, who get sad or upset, and eat junk food, then feel sadder and more upset because they ate junk food. How did we get in this cycle of instant gratification? I mean I understand not always thinking about the consequences of your actions but when the consequences will happen just minutes from now, if not seconds, why don’t we take that into consideration?

Instead of being self-destructive, I’m going to be self-productive.

I wonder if it’s possible to become addicted to crocheting.


One Response to “Willpower”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Usually they are patterns we either see and mimic or are taught as children. Many many people have comfort foods, use foods as rewards, or in celebration. I think that part of it is our culture. We are very food based people. Eating out is something to do with friends, significant others, family, ect. Good for you for breaking the cycle, I know its hard!

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