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Failure May 21, 2012

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My willpower isn’t as strong as I thought.

I cheated hardcore today.

I’m not going to make excuses as to why or anything. One moment I was so full I could barely finish my tomato soup, the next, I’m eating tomato, and mozzarella sandwich and a huge bowl of Trix.


The sandwich wasn’t horribly unhealthy but the cereal DEFINITELY was. And considering that I wasn’t hungry when I ate it, this is a huge setback.

I’m not letting myself give up, though. I’m debating either continuing with my diet from where I stand and just try harder, or starting over from scratch (Stage 1) to let myself detox from the junk food I filled myself with.

I’ve heard that when things start to get particularly difficult, go back to the beginning. That’s what all the people in my Lap Band Facebook groups say. That’s kind of what I’m leaning towards. Right now I’m six days into the full liquid stage (Stage 3) of my diet. If I started over, I would start again with the two week pre-op diet (Stage 1), three days clear liquid diet (Stage 2, which I can handle a lot better now that I have supplements and a juicer), and then start Stage 3 again.

Either way, I am going to have to burn a lot of calories to make up for today’s setback.


3 Responses to “Failure”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    try not to think of it as a complete failure. you’re still doing much better than most people i know. i believe you can do it

    • Thanks, Anonymous. In the past, I would have gotten down on myself completely and given up. I’m not giving up, I’m going to burn off the extra calories and keep on swimmin’. I’m doing too well to let this get me down.

  2. Chris Says:

    Don’t be too eager to burn off the calories. You have to remember, you are on a serious calorie deficient diet. Some studies show the human body requires 800 calories a day to survive. Its ok to cheat once in a while, it IS good for you. If your body is craving something sweet, go for a 15 minute walk (research shows walking for 15 minutes when a chocolate craving starts may eliminate said craving), and if you are still wanting something sweet, your body may be thinking it needs more calories. If you feel like starting over from stage 1 is your best option, go for it, but remember to allow yourself some breathing room as well.

    Also remember! You are doing great, and you have many people who are supporting you in your efforts.

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