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Blood Red Surprise May 24, 2012

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The coloring of this smoothie is even deeper than my red velvet couches that my dad stupidly purchased five years ago despite the fact that we had five dogs and a cat and velvet is impossible to clean.

The “surprise” in this smoothie is the spinach!

– 1 beet, peeled and cut into chunks

– 1 huge handful of frozen strawberries, chopped if they’re big

– 2 heaping handfulls of spinach

– handful of red grapes

– generous splash of orange juice

Since the frozen strawberries and the beets were so hard, I blended bits at a time. I tossed the beet in there with some juice and gave it a whirl, then some strawberries, the spinach and grapes, and the rest of the strawberries.

It’s delicious! And so pretty too. And it lives up to its name: I cut my thumb while chopping the strawberries!



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