My Weight Loss Journey

Dieting on Vacation June 5, 2012

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I’m in Santa Cruz visiting my boyfriend. Whenever I visit it’s a special occasion because we so rarely get to see each other (although in two weeks he’s graduating and moving back home so that won’t be an issue anymore!), so we tend to eat out a lot. Today was our first day together and I was impressed with myself. For dinner we got Indian food, I only ate half the dish and took the rest home, and for dessert we got this little piece of heaven:


Cold Stone Sinless Sans Fat Sweet Cream ice cream, mine with raspberries and his with blueberries. I think we both agreed that the raspberries were by far better than the blueberries, and the ice cream is delicious on its own too. I expected it to be bland but it tasted almost like cake batter.

We did some shopping at the local organic store (which is every store in Santa Cruz) to last us a couple days, and on Wednesday we’re going to the grocery store to pick up lots of healthy foods to make at home. I’m going to try to make a habit of cooking instead of eating out for special events. It’s a lot cheaper AND healthier.

Stay posted in the next few days. My boyfriend LOVES my quiches so I’ll be posting some of those soon I’m sure!


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