My Weight Loss Journey

Back Home June 18, 2012

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So I’m back home and finally have a scale. I’m officially the same weight I was when I left. I consider that a win, it’s really hard not to gain weight on vacation, especially when you eat at restaurants as much as Grant and I did and ESPECIALLY when it’s your birthday. But electing to take half my food home whenever I go out, and rarely ever ordering dessert, has paid off.

And it doesn’t hurt that there’s all those hills and walking around to do.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be able to count calories again and hopefully start losing again soon. My boyfriend, who just graduated and moved back home, and I are going to be signing up for dance classes. That will help shed the pounds too. He’s been dieting with me, and we’ve both gone down a size. Yay!

See y’all Wednesday for my weigh-in.


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