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A Birthday Surprise June 22, 2012

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I was on vacation so long that I forgot to keep updating my blog when I got back! Oops!

Well I’m happy to report that I went shopping today and dropped two whole dress sizes! I still felt very limited by my options (small chest + big belly = bad combination), but I was able to find one single dress that I liked that was fairly flattering and was comfortable and affordable (even though I had to go to three different places to find it!). I bought some new shoes too, and now I’m ready for my birthday party this weekend!

My dad got a huge birthday cake for me today. It’s delicious, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t possibly have that much sugar in the house! I’m going to be giving out pieces as often as possible, to get rid of it quickly so I’m not tempted. I was proud of myself for doing that very thing this week: after I baked a very decadent dessert for a dinner party I threw, I willed myself not to eat too much of it (I wrapped it in tinfoil so I wouldn’t be looking at it all the time), then gave it to my boyfriend to take home for his family. Go me!



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  1. I love for fashion. Even though the author is thin, she talks a lot about body image and finding clothes that flatter your body (that you feel beautiful and confident in). Even if you already know the silhouettes that work for you, it’s a good source of inspiration and ideas of where to search.

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