My Weight Loss Journey

My New Treadmill and Body By Vi shakes July 2, 2012

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Somehow my room has always collected insane amounts of heat. It might be comfortably warm outside but it’s sweltering in my room. I think this is because for a good chunk of the day the sun is beating in through the biggest window in my room, which is also the only window that allows any kind of ventilation.


However, keeping my door and windows open and having a fan on full blast helps a little, which is what I need to do to use my new treadmill I got yesterday. I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting one for a while but I kept putting it off, thinking it wasn’t worth the money since I could just go for walks outside, right? But after finding myself unmotivated to do that because of various reasons (too much to do at home; sad, depressing scenery; worried about people looking at me in my grungy work-out clothes while I sweat bullets; pure boredom during walks) I decided that I’d find a cheap used one on Craigslist. That’s exactly what I did. My boyfriend helped me pick it up yesterday and somehow we managed to get it upstairs into my room.


Today I used it, and although I was sweating bullets I didn’t mind so much since no one could see me. I set my laptop in front of me and watched TV while I did it and 40 minutes went by like nothing. Once I get used to the treadmill’s pacing I can start crocheting WHILE I walk, which will be killing two birds with one stone, since I need to spend a LOT of time crocheting for my home business (I dedicate at least 40 hours a week to it, just like any other job).


On another note, I’ve been doing the Body by Vi shakes, and I gotta say, I don’t like them. There just isn’t enough protein, and they’re way too expensive. There’s no reason to use them. A normal protein shake and a multivitamin is just find and a heck of a lot cheaper. They’re also not as filling. One of my regular protein shakes has almost exactly the same amount of calories, sugar, and fat (100, 2, 2) as the Vi shake, but at least 10g more protein which makes it much more filling. I can drink my normal protein powder mixed with a cup of milk and be full, whereas with Vi, I can drink the powder mixed with a cup of milk AND a cup of fruit and still not be full.


Verdict is in. It’s not worth the money. I’m going to use up the powder I already have but there’s no way I’m going to purchase this product.


Oh! And I realized I forgot to do the Wednesday Weigh-In again. I’m so bad at remembering that. If anyone is around next Wednesday, remind me to weigh in!


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