My Weight Loss Journey

Million Dollar Spaghetti April 13, 2013

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I came across this recipe on Pinterest, and it had so many positive comments I had to try it. I altered it a bit though to make it healthier. It tastes decadent, but it’s not nearly as bad as you’d think! You can even file this in “Meals Under 500 Calories”

– 16 oz whole wheat spaghetti noodles

– 8 oz fat free cream cheese

– 1/4 cup fat free sour cream

– 1 cup fat free cottage cheese

– 1 can spaghetti sauce

– 1 package Morningstar Veggie Crumbles (or a pound of ground beef, but that will alter the nutritional value, though probably not too severely)

– 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese


Preheat the oven to 350. Put the noodles in the pot to boil.

Combine the sour cream, cream cheese, and cottage cheese very well. A quick note: I think cottage cheese gets a bad rap – I love the stuff. Most people can’t get past the texture though, so if it really bothers you, throw it in the food processor or blender first, it will make it nice and creamy.


Cook the “meat,” and once it’s done, stir the sauce into the pan.


Spray some cooking spray into a baking dish, and evenly cover the bottom of the dish with HALF the spaghetti. Pour the cream cheese mixture over it, and spread it so it covers the most area. Add the remaining spaghetti, and cover that with the sauce, again, spread evenly across.


Bake for 30 minutes, then take it out, sprinkle the cheddar cheese across the top, and cook for 15 more minutes.


I love this dish because it’s flexible. You can add whatever seasonings you like, you can add veggies to the sauce; one woman mentioned that she tossed the noodles in Italian dressing before adding it to the casserole, that’s an interesting idea!


I can see myself making this once a month, it’s good for leftovers!


Once you get past the fact that it kind of looks like guts

8 servings: 381 calories, 10 fat, 4 sugar per serving


Who Needs Ice Cream? April 12, 2013

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Okay, quick update.

Since my last post, I have gotten engaged and moved in with my fiance. I’m getting married in four months. Yay! But that means no time to mess around anymore. I have to get in wedding shape and I only have 137 days in which to do it. Yikes!


I don’t have a scale anymore so Wednesday Weigh-Ins will be Whenever Weigh-Ins, but trust me, I’ll be trying harder than ever before.


Recipe for today:



– 1 1/2 cups of your favorite fruit, frozen and chopped (I used roughly a 2:1 strawberry:blueberry combo)

– 1/2 cup juice (I used orange juice)


Blend until smooth.



Dive right in.

I’ve never really had sorbet. It’s basically a smoothie with a lot less liquid. I used a little TOO much orange juice so it was a little creamier than it should have been, but it was still delicious. And look how much it made!


This is definitely going to become a new regular in our house. 


1 serving: 167 calories, 1 fat, 20 sugar per serving


Guilt Free Cheesecake Fruit Dip August 15, 2012

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It tastes like cheesecake, but you can dip things in it. Oh my gosh. I’m in heaven.



Hello, Lover.


– 1 8oz container fat free cream cheese

– 2 tbsp vanilla

– 2 tbsp Splenda


Soften cream cheese (I warmed mine in the microwave for 45 seconds) then mix all ingredients together with a hand mixer or immersion blender. Refrigerate until cool, and serve!


Make this in larger quantities for parties!


5 servings: 20 calories, 0 fat, 1 sugar per serving


Wednesday Weigh-In and Sparkling Virgin Sangria August 9, 2012

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My god it’s hot.

I feel like I should have lost five pounds just from all the sweating I’ve been doing. And it doesn’t help that my dogs, despite their constant panting, always want to cuddle.

Want something refreshing? Try this:

Sparkling Virgin Sangria


Ew, looks like blood. Oh, who am I kidding. If it’s served over ice I’ll still drink it.

1 2-liter bottle of Sprite Zero

1 Pitcher Pack Natural Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light

1 Kiwi, peeled and sliced

1 cup mixed berries, chopped if necessary

1 cup Ocean Spray Diet cranberry juice

Mix all the ingredients together (slowly, so the carbonation doesn’t overflow in the pitcher) and serve in a glass over ice.

The great thing about this drink is that, as the ice melts and the drink gets a little watered down, it still tastes delicious.

8 servings: 20 calories, 2.5 sugar, <1 fat per serving


Now onto the fun part.

Starting weight: 316

Last weigh-in: 311

Today’s weight: 310

I forgot to weigh-in last week so this is a one pound loss over two weeks, which is kind of disappointing, but at least I’m getting back in the right direction.

I think one of the reasons my weight loss is slow right now is because it’s too freaking hot to do anything. It’s exhausting just being awake and at night it’s so uncomfortably muggy that I never get proper sleep, so trying to exercise is a pain in the butt.

Anyone have a pool? Let’s go swimming. I’ll do that every single day.


Red is the New Orange July 26, 2012

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If you’re like me, as soon as you get the sniffles you reach for a great big glass of orange juice. And if you’re like me, you’ve been sick enough time that you’re tired of orange juice.

Did you know that most orange juice you buy at the store has TONS of added sugar? Sugar promotes congestion and can supress your immune system, making you feel even worse, longer. Ick!

So you’re sick of orange juice that you know is bad for you anyway, so what do you do? You need that vitamin C!

Eat some strawberries!



Pictured: medicine. Tasty, tasty medicine.

Strawberries are high in vitamin C. One serving (about a cup) of strawberries has as much vitamin C as an orange, and boy does it taste good!

So next time you start feeling your throat itch and your nose get stuffy, reach for the strawberries. Or get colorful with your juicer and make some fresh, delicious strawberry-orange juice!


Wednesday Weigh-In (on Thursday)

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It’s been almost two months since my last weigh in. I’m sorry guys!


I wish I could say it’s been a productive month but it hasn’t. I guess I could be happy I didn’t gain more weight but I’m not happy that I’m where I’m at.

Starting weight: 316

Last weigh-in: 306

Today’s weight: 311.


I’m smack dab in the middle of my best and my worst.


On the plus side, my habits have definitely changed a lot, for the better. I am much less hungry than I was when I started this whole journey. I make better choices for myself overall and even though my weight may not be as low as I want it to be yet I feel healthier overall.


Sharing July 22, 2012

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Okay, okay. I haven’t been posting enough. I guess when I fail I don’t want to publicize it, but the whole point of this blog is to make everything public, my accomplishments AND failures.


I’ve put on a few pounds again and I’m not proud of it. My diet went out the window completely for a short while. Every morning I’d say “today is the day!” and by every evening I was saying “Tomorrow’s the day!” I’d share all my excuses but you know them all, not by hearing them from me but by hearing them from yourselves, so I’ll spare you.


Today was the first day in a long time I did 100% well. I had cottage cheese and strawberries for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch, and now, just because I’m craving it, I’m having cottage cheese and strawberries again for dinner. I do loves me some cottage cheese.


My total calorie intake was 963, which I know isn’t technically bad but my goal is 800 a day, so I’m going to spend some time on my treadmill tonight to burn the excess off.


My old policy was, “Well, since I already ate a cookie my whole diet’s been shot for the day so I might as well splurge.” What a terrible policy.


My new policy is, “Well, I ate a cookie which might put me over my calorie limits but I’ll stick with my diet plan as normal and work off any extra calories before the end of the day.”


I’m debating counting calories by the week instead of by the day, if that makes sense. Some days I’m not doing anything all day and therefore not very hungry. Other days I’m running around expelling lots of energy and I’m starving with my calorie limit. I think it might be helpful to “borrow” calories from one day and put them into another. Then it would be easier to work off excess calories. For example, if someone brings pizza and cookies into work, and I eat some, I won’t have the energy to work out by the end of the day but I might have the energy to work out on my days off.


So basically, instead of allotting myself 800 calories a day, I’d be allotting myself 5,600 calories a week, rationed properly of course.


Any thoughts on this, whether it would be a good idea or bad idea, pros, cons, etc?


In the meantime, Wednesday Weigh-Ins WILL be back this week because no matter what happens, I’m sharing everything.